Investments made by Camerons Brewery helped boost the company's turnover, according to new results.

Hartlepool-based Camerons Brewery specialises in the brewing and selling of beer and related products, together with the ownership of public houses.

It is now back in family hands since the family purchased the brewery back in 2002. It was established in 1852.

Turnover for the year ended 5 May 2019 was £84.1m, up from £74m in 2018.

The growth was underpinned by the company's investment of £5.8m across all of its divisions, with company continuing the strategy of acquire, invest and churn across both its managed and tenanted divisions.

However, the rising turnover could not prevent a slip in pre-tax profit, which fell to £397,271, down from £1.2m in the previous year.

Camerons added another outlet to its Head of Steam managed brand, while also acquiring an outlet in York, which sits within the Urban Country Pub range.

Five major refurbishment schemes were completed across the existing managed division during the financial period, which consisted of 27 outlets in April 2019.

The tenanted division, which consisted of 48 outlets at year-end, performed well, while the company also creating a franchise division, which showed positive initial signs.

A strategic report that accompanying the results said: "Our investment in own brand sales development is proving successful as we reach out to several different market sectors with a better and more diverse product portfolio.

"In summary, the directors are pleased with the progress the company continues to make across its divisions and are confident of more growth through 2020 and beyond."